Our Story

Published on February 19th, 2018 By

So I want to tell you a story about our beginning.

The story begins The Developing Clean in 2017 after a string of travels in 2016 that lead me to all corners of the world. I was on holiday and out to see what this beautiful planet had to offer.

One thing that I kept noticing when I was travelling through all of these would be paradises was that there was a scary amount of pollution in nearly all of the places I went. From the islands of Indonesia to the creeks running around the Pyramids in Egypt. The amazing surf breaks in Morocco and in the holy river ganga in India.

Everywhere there was plastic and waste littering the streets and the natural habitat of our world. This lit a fire in me.

I started to think of ways I could make a change in my own life that would help prevent any further pollution. A few things sprung to mind at first. Minimising waste was one, so I started to look into minimalism and tiny houses and all the rest of it. I thought that’s just not for me right now then I thought of going plastic free which I tried and still try to do as much as possible but after a while I thought OK so this is great but I want to make more of a difference. How do I get other people involved?

So then I decided I would start raising awareness and inspiring change in others. The Developing Clean would be my vehicle for doing so. I started to formulate a plan for my new business idea. Started following closely a lot of really inspiring people on social media. Then I got to work on creating The Developing Clean – A social venture business that offers products inspired by sustainability to raise awareness and inspire change in others.

We partnered with a grassroots environmental group, Seaside Scavenge, which we have pledged to donate profits to yearly. We also partnered with KPMG Australia and sold their staff over 500 reusable coffee cups which has potentially saved 170,000 single use plastic cups from landfill.

Our Future

Hopefully we have made a difference in some peoples lives already. It’s now my mission to raise awareness around pollution and inspire change. WE CAN prevent the problem from getting worse then it already is. I hope our story has given some insight into The Developing clean, how we came to be and what we hope to achieve.