The Developing Clean X Seaside Scavenge Sustainable Partnership

Published on May 26th, 2017 By

Check Out Our Very First Sustainable Partnership!

We are so, so happy to announce that The Developing Clean and Seaside Scavenge have partnered for our first yearly round of donations. We will be giving a % of our profits for the coming year directly to this amazing organisation.

Seaside Scavenge is on a mission to keep our oceans clean by inspiring communities to scavenge, catalogue, and dispose of plastics responsibly and we can’t wait to help them!

This is a new, exciting experiment for The Developing Clean, but we have the highest hopes that it will be prosperous for the planet.

“Super stoked to be teaming up with The Developing Clean. We want to cleanup our acts and what better way to do that than transitioning from plastics over to reusable and beautiful bamboo products that these guys have on offer. They’ll be donating 9% of profits from the upcoming financial year to Seaside Scavenge. Business as usual no longer exists… thank god! And thank you, Developing Clean… looking forward to a year of colourful collaboration!”

We are so excited to see where this takes us!

To check out more from Seaside Scavenge check them out on Facebook or Instagram, at @SeasideScavenge

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