Community Clean Up

Published on May 16th, 2018 By

Saturday | 12/05/2018 | We held a Community Beach Clean!

Instead of just volunteering for an event we decided to hold our own and what an awesome experience it was.

We had a really inspiring turnout despite the weather being unfavourable. The community got involved, it was fun, it was easy and it was a success. Cleaning up your favourite beach, park or waterway, is something that should not be undervalued.

In the morning the wind was up and we had our fingers crossed that the rain would hold off. It did.
18 people come to help us out with a few young eco-warriors joining us as well. It’s so good to see the kids coming out and taking part. Everyone managed to clean up 32kg of rubbish in just a few hours. Just as we were leaving the rain started.

Initially, we weren’t sure that anyone would show up. We put the word out on social media. Facebook and Instagram and got in contact with a few local businesses and community pages. But with the forecast being below average we thought everyone would stay rugged up at home with their cups of tea. (I could have done that had the rain started to be honest)

1 PM was when we had organised the clean up to begin it was 1 PM that we had our first beach cleaners arrive! For the rest of the afternoon, people were coming and going. Everyone with a smile on their face and a feeling of accomplishment once they were done.

It really was a great day and an awesome opportunity for the community to get together. Everyone got in and gave it a good go and we couldn’t have done it without all those that participated, the beach is looking that bit cleaner because of your efforts, thank you!

To all that attended, Thank YOU.

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